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With this driver, you can stand-by and hibernate this machine properly. This may be a reason for poor battery life issue.

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Asus M51tr Notebook Driver Details

View more guides at Linux Wiki Guides. Does the opensource driver work well? Then you can proceed with Linux install. Any Help would be kindly appreciated. The front mic problem is solved easily.

Use the latest packages and you'll hardly run into trouble. Has anyone tried if this update solves the problem? So, is there a fix for this problem now, or? Should i post some further debug info?

Hope this one patches for latest git kernel, but it should. It would be helpful if if you could isolate which exact release broke this laptop, or ideal if you can git bisect which commit caused the regression.

Could You help me doing this? On the other hand side the PowerNow! Popular Guides Preparing your system for Linux.

And problem should be fixed by now. After install, you can safely delete all Windows folders, i. But I like know how often this message shows up on your system. That's actually only on Ubuntu. It was released yestersay officially, but has some major issues with power management so I'll wait a while.

Why do you think frequency scaling is broken? Hope it can be fixed soon. Media Manager Back to top. Maybe You don't need to upgrade Your kernel, but it's not place for discussions like that.

Drivers m51tr

It happened so fast I didn't catch the whole message. But as we don't know it we shouldn't touch those bits. On other distributions there is no such message. Is there any info that you still need?

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And it was so easy, thank you again! Home Laptops Submit a Laptop. This patch has been send upstream. This is really ugly, motorola internet modem driver but I tend to agree.

How do you rate this laptop with Linux? Do not forget to add the mtrr debug param enhancement patch and also add mtrr.